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The SenSci Volcano® is an innovative interception device that provides the versatility that traditional devices lack. The discreet design and size of the Volcano allows it to be used in sensitive situations, such as offices and hotel rooms. The cutting-edge design also requires little maintenance and can be used in dust-prone locations without the worry of household dust collection. Add SenSci Activ® bed bug lure to the SenSci Volcano® to increase the chance that you capture more bugs or detect more infestations.

The SenSci Activ® is bed bug lure that was designed by the experts at Rutgers University to mimic the chemicals found on the surface of the skin to attract bed bugs. Studies have shown the Activ lure to attract up to twice as many bed bugs into a bed bug interception device. It can be used with any traditional interception device as well as the SenSci Volcano. When the Activ lure is combined with the SenSci Volcano, the combination creates a highly effective and easy to use bed bug monitor that effortlessly blends into any environment.

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