SenSci Activ and SenSci Volcano are Now Available with Killgerm Chemicals

Lawrenceville, N.J. — SenSci’s innovative bed bug products, SenSci Activ™ and SenSci Volcano™, are now available in European markets through Killgerm Chemicals.

The SenSci Volcano™ is a bed bug monitor that has a clear bottom for ease of inspection, designed for minimal dust disruption and is discreet in appearance, which makes it ideal for all spaces. The Volcano can be used alone or paired with the SenSci Activ™ lure. The SenSci Activ™ is a bed bug lure designed to mimic the chemicals on the surface of the skin in order to attract bed bugs to a monitor.

Killgerm, the United Kingdom’s leading pest control product supplier, has recently added the SenSciActiv™ and Volcano products to their catalog and are available for purchase.

“Bedbugs are always a topical issue,” said Paul Wood, commercial manager at Killgerm. “With Killgerm being Europe’s largest distributor of pest control products, we are keen to be at the forefront of any new products, ideas and inventions, so we can bring them to our customer base.”

Wood explained that Killgerm has carried some bed bug monitors and attractants that were hit or miss in regards to effectiveness, but admitted that if the product wasn’t 100 percent guaranteed to find bed bugs, their pest professionals would be leery of the products.

After Killgerm Group Managing Director Rupert Broome met with Jeff White, director of innovation and technical content for BedBug Central, in Dubai at Pest World East 2015, Killgerm then decided to explore the SenSci Activ™ and Volcano products further. Wood stated that it was the impressive data that they received from White that lead them to solidify SenSci’s distribution by Killgerm.

“The product looked impressive,” Wood said, “and the support of Jeff and his team was very attractive. We only want to deal with partners who share our philosophy of good products, good support etc. The potential support from Jeff and the team is better than some other products we’ve got on the shelf.”

Wood went on to say that Killgerm is excited to see what the future holds for the SenSci products in Europe and are “delighted to have the product exclusively.”

Rob DiJoseph, vice president of operations with BedBug Central, also shared in Wood’s excitement for having the SenSci products now available in Western Europe.

“We’re thrilled about the partnership with Killgerm,” he said. “It’s a fantastic opportunity and it’s exciting to finally bring the SenSci products abroad.”