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Lawrenceville, N.J. — SenSci’s innovative bed bug products, SenSci Activ™ and SenSci Volcano™, are now available in Canadian markets.

After recently expanding into the European markets, SenSci is pleased to announce that Gardex Chemicals and Univar Environmental Sciences (Univar ES) in Canada are now distributing SenSci Activ™ and Volcano.

The SenSci Volcano™ is a bed bug interception device that has a clear bottom to make bed bugs easy to view once in the device, designed for minimal household dust collection and is discreet in appearance, which makes it ideal for all spaces. The Volcano can be used alone or paired with the SenSci Activ™ lure. The SenSci Activ™ is a bed bug lure designed to mimic the chemicals on the surface of the skin in order to attract bed bugs to a monitor.

Gardex, which has been a Canadian supplier for pest control products since 1977, is excited to have the SenSci products onboard. Karen Furgiuele, President of Gardex Chemicals, said Gardex has always been happy with the products that BedBug Central delivers and that’s why they decided to start distributing the SenSci products.

“We’re impressed with what BedBug Central has done and where they have progressed with bed bug products,” Furgiuele said. “It’s kind of a no-brainer with any innovation that comes out of BedBug Central.”

Furgiuele said there was a number of reasons why Gardex wanted to offer the SenSci Activ™ and Volcano to their customers.

“The (SenSci Activ™) lure is altogether different,” she said. “Also, the bottom of the Volcano is see-through so you would be able to see the bed bugs inside of it. The other thing that I am impressed with is that it is made in the USA, which is very rare these days.”

Univar ES, which has a long history in the pest control industry that dates all the way back to the 1920s, continues to offer pest control professionals the newest products and technology. Mike McWilliams, Sales Manager from Univar ES Canada, agreed that the SenSci products are a great addition to Univar’s current product line in the defense against bed bugs.

“Like any new product it takes time for companies to test it and start using it as one of the tools in the tool box,” McWillams said. “Univar decided to carry it as it is a new quality product in the fight against bed bugs. With the loss of the Verifi and the only other options are passive monitors, this product adds value by having a lure. It becomes a unique product offering in a segment where no other options are currently available.”

McWillams added that the design is very unique in the number of ways it can be used for pest control professionals.

“The design is unique,” he said. “The fact it has the option of being passive by using the Volcano alone or being used with a lure gives more options with one product to the pest control operators. The fact that the unit has the lure differentiates itself from others in the market.”

Furgiuele of Gardex also said it was the overall design and it’s discreetness that attracted Gardex.

“The thing is, it’s compact,” she said. “Once the lure is opened and placed inside the Volcano, technicians can take off their gloves and put it anywhere. It’ll fit anywhere and it’s discreet. If you had it in a hotel room, hospital room or nursing home, it wouldn’t be something that’s obvious to someone coming in.”

Both Univar and Gardex distributors expect the Canadian markets to embrace the SenSci Activ™ and SenSci Volcano™ products.

“I have big expectations with products that come from BedBug Central,” Furgiuele said. “We’re very proud and happy to be a distributor of SenSci. We’re also very happy to have the product on board.”

To purchase SenSci Activ™ and SenSci Volcano™ through Gardex Chemicals, call 1-800-561-7302. To purchase your SenSci Activ™ or Volcano through Univar, call 1-800-888-4897.