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Bed bugs in public housing has long been an issue for property managers, however, it seems as though it is getting more difficult to stay ahead of the infestations. For many housing authorities, the thought of being bed bug free is long gone but, in fact, that isn’t true. With the correct tools and protocols in place, building-wide bed bug management is possible.

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Interceptors and Lures Making Major Strides In Public Housing

Bed bugs have been plaguing public housing for years and yet it seems to becoming more and more difficult for management to get ahead of the situation. However, for several housing authorities across the United States, interceptors and lures have made a tremendous impact on their ability to detect and inspect for bed bugs.

“Bed bugs being found in more than 10 percent of apartments within public housing…” [CLICK TO READ MORE]

University Research Highlights Bed Bug Monitoring For Housing Authorities

Bed bugs continue to cause multi-family housing authorities headaches when it comes to early detection and treatment, however, recent research has created a viable model for building-wide monitoring within the restraints of budgetary concerns.

Karen Vail, Ph.D., professor and extension urban entomologist at the University of Tennessee, recently released her findings in the Journal of Economic Entomology titled “Bed Bug (Hemiptera: Cimicidae) Detection in Low-Income, High-Rise Apartments Using Four or Fewer Passive Monitors.” The study determined…[CLICK TO READ MORE]

Experts Say Bed Bug Monitors Detect Better Than Visual Inspections for Low-Level Infestations

According to a new article in the Journal of Integrated Pest Management titled “Pest Management Strategies for Bed Bugs (Hemiptera: Cimicidae) in Multiunit Housing: A Literature Review on Field Studies,” evidence shows that in multifamily housing units preventative bed bug measures are the most effective treatment in reducing the spread of bed bugs among the building…[CLICK TO READ MORE]

The World of Bed Bug Detection

Bed Bug Interceptor Maintenance

Interceptors are vital tools when it comes to bed bug management, but some do require additional maintenance to work effectively. In order for some under-the-leg interceptors to work correctly, you will need to properly maintain them, however, there are free-standing...

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