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A few years ago we realized our bed bug jobs were not nearly as profitable as we had thought, that’s when we decided to consult with BedBug Central. We started transitioning our protocols to mimic their program and we quickly saw a dramatic increase in profitability, lower call-back rates and the ability to sell more jobs. The most important aspect however, has been by switching to BedBug Central’s program our clients are happier with the service which has significantly improved our retention rates.

Ross Treleven

Vice President of Operations, Sprague Pest Solutions

We’ve been involved with BedBug Central since the first class of Bed Bug Boot Camp in 2009, however, at the time the market was very focused on heat treatments. About a year ago we started reevaluating our approach to heat and ultimately decided to focus on our “No Prep” treatment philosophy as our primary service for bed bugs. We were initially apprehensive on the transition away from heat, but almost immediately our bed bug services became more profitable, without sacrificing customer satisfaction or retention. We are thrilled to finally be profitable on every bed bug service and free from the burden of expensive equipment and upkeep, time-consuming jobs and general uncertainty that our heat model presented, and our customers are elated with our efficient services, free from the hassle of unnecessary preparations!

Joe Maguire

Commercial Service Planner, JP Pest Services

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