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SenSci Introduces Two New Products – SenSci ActivCR & SenSci Pyramid

Get ready for some new products from SenSci for the 2021 year. The SenSci ActivCR is a new, controlled release delivery system of the Activ bed bug lure. In order to accommodate the new release system, the SenSci Volcano has also been redesigned to have the Activ snap into the bottom of the Volcano for ease of use. 

In addition to redesigning the Activ lure and Volcano, we’ve created a new effective bed bug glueboard called the SenSci Pyramid. The Pyramid will allow you the ability to use the proven concept of a pitfall trap combined with the affordability and effectiveness of a glueboard.

We’re excited to present these new products and look forward to their future roll out in early 2021. 

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