After traveling across the country for various trade shows, the team at SenSci™ have come to realize that several pest management professionals utilize the SenSci Activ® Bed Bug Lure in a variety of ways that may not be evident to the vast majority.

Although the Activ lure was specifically designed to work seamlessly with the SenSci Volcano®, it has been shown to be effective in traditional interception devices, such as the ClimbUp® and BlackOut®, as well as other bed bug monitors.

Several studies has shown that the Activ lure increases the catch rate of the SenSci Volcano and we are beginning to see the same results with other monitors and interception devices. In a small study conducted by Jeff White, Director of Innovation and Technical Content at BedBug Central, BlackOut was tested with and without the raw lure to determine its catch-rate of bed bugs.

White placed Blackout monitors every five feet around the perimeter of rooms and underneath furniture. In the BlackOut monitors he alternately baited devices with raw lure (one device with lure and the next without). Seven days after installation he counted bugs collected and then switched placements to account for infestation by infestation variance. White then waited another seven days and took counts and tabulated results. The results are below:


With Lure

Without Lure

Apt. 1

9 5

Apt. 2



Apt. 3



Apt. 4



Apt. 5



Apt. 6 188






From the table above it is evident that the BlackOut monitors with the lure had a greater number of bed bugs caught as compared to the monitors without the lure.

Not only have pest management professionals had success with the Activ lure in ClimbUp and BlackOut interception devices, but some have even used the bed bug lure on glue boards.

Scott Moody of Carolina Pest Patrol had approached SenSci team at the Global Bed Bug Summit 2016 with photos of the Activ bed bug lure used on glue boards for some of his bed bug services. Moody stated that he has had incredible success with the product on glue boards as well as being used in the SenSci Volcano. Moody explained that he used the product primarily within sensitive accounts where traditional bed bug treatments weren’t an option.

As more studies are being conducted, it is become more and more evident that the SenSci Activ is a great addition to most bed bug monitors to increase the catch rate of the monitor. It is important to know that although it was specifically designed for the SenSci Volcano, it is a stand-alone product that doesn’t need to be used solely inside the Volcano. The Activ bed bug lure is a versatile bed bug product that can be used with any interception device or monitor to help increase the catch rate of bed bugs to the monitor.

For more information on the SenSci Activ bed bug lure, watch our How-to Videos. If you have a unique use of the product and would like to share your testimonial, email Crystal Giberson.