A lure is described as an attractant, and for bed bugs one attractant are the chemicals that are found on the surface of your skin. That scent that is given off is a cue for bed bugs that a host is present and they will travel as far as several feet to reach you.

What makes the SenSci Activ bed bug lure so unique is that it is a lure based off of the chemicals that are found on the surface of the skin, equivalent to that of a sweaty t-shirt. It is used to help make interception devices more appealing for bed bugs because they smell like “food.” However, you may be asking yourself, is the odor of the SenSci Activ overwhelming? Will it bother me or my clients if I use this in their homes or office settings?

SenSci Activ Odor: Will I be able to smell the odor?

When opened, the SenSci Activ packet may exhibit a mild odor that some people believe to smell like a rotten citrus. Most people don’t find the odor to be offensive but occasionally someone who is sensitive to odors may find it more offensive than most.

Using the SenSci Activ in Commercial Settings

When using the SenSci Activ in a commercial setting, such as an office or hotel, be sure to discuss the possibility that individuals may notice the odor. Since many commercial properties, like office buildings, are “sterile” environments when it comes to smell, the odor of the Activ lure may be more noticeable then if it was used in a home. When the Activ is used in a home there tends to be more odors, including food or animals, than an office setting may have. The Activ odor may only be mildly noticeable or not at all when used in a home setting.

The scent of the lure may also be more noticeable in the commercial settings when the packets are first opened at “head” height as opposed to when they are placed in Volcanos on the floor. Once they are put inside the Volcanos and are placed on the floor, as per the directions of use, the odor diminishes. Jeff White, Director of Innovation and Technical Content at BedBug Central, explained that the noticeable odor of the lure should dissipate within two hours of being opened in a sterile setting.

Preliminary testing within office settings has yet to provide any complaints regarding the odor that the SenSci Activ gives off. Even individuals who were unaware of the SenSci Activ Volcano installed under their desk had no complaints about the smell of the lure.

Property Manager Concerns with Odor

It is recommended that before installing the SenSci Activ bed bug lures within a commercial setting, you discuss the odor possibility with the Property Manager. Explain to them that the odor shouldn’t be an issue with any tenants or visitors, but if so, they can be prepared to talk about it with the individual.

Also, be sure to note that the initial odor may be more noticeable during the first two hours when packets are being installed in the SenSci Volcanos. The mild odor should dissipate by then and shouldn’t be an issue forth going.

Things to Remember about the SenSci Activ Bed Bug Lure Odor:

  • There is a mild odor associated with the lure, as that is the attractant for the bed bugs.
  • There have been NO COMPLAINTS to date in regards to the odor when used in commercial settings.
  • Discuss with property managers before using the lure and address as needed.

After the first two hour of the SenSci Activ packet being opened, the odor that may have been present should have diminished to an unnoticeable level for humans, however, the scent on the towelette should be effective for up to two months for bed bugs.

To purchase the SenSci Activ bed bug lure, contact your local distributor.