The key to any effective product is correct maintenance. Maintenance could be a number of things when it comes to bed bug products, including cleaning or replacement of the actual product.

With many under-the-leg interceptors, such as BlackOut® or ClimbUp® Insect Interceptor, once-per-month maintenance is required to keep the product free of household dust. On the other hand, due to the design SenSci Volcano® does not need to be cleaned once-per-month but should be replaced yearly to maintain proper effectiveness.

“It is recommended that once a year the SenSci Volcano be replaced,” said SenSci Innovator Jeff White. “When snapped together, the seal between the bottom and top should be extremely tight so that first instar bed bugs cannot escape. Over time the snapping in and out of the two plastic pieces may wear down the plastic and allow bugs to escape which is why we recommend that it be replaced every year for optimum performance.”

The SenSci Volcano is a unique, two-piece, free-standing interceptor that features several differences from under-the-leg interceptors. One of those difference is that SenSci Volcano needs to be constructed prior to use, unlike free-standing interceptors which arrive ready to use. The advantage to the two-piece design is that dust cannot collect on the monitor  walls and therefore the Volcano does not need to be cleaned monthly.

White explained that the concern with the Volcano needing to be replaced originated from the use of the SenSci Activ® bed bug lure with the Volcano. Since the Activ packets need to be replaced every three months, the plastic pieces will be opened and reassembled often, which may compromise the plastic’s integrity over time.

“There hasn’t been any definitive proof that the plastics wear down over time,” White said, “Instead this is just our recommendation to ensure the maximum performance of the product over time.”

For more information on purchasing the SenSci Volcano, contact your local distributor.