The New, Controlled Release SenSci ActivCR™

SenSci Introduces The New, Controlled Release SenSci ActivCR

The SenSci Activ™ bed bug lure received a new look and name for 2021. Featuring a new, bullet design developed by the experts at Insects Limited, the new SenSci ActivCR lure includes a new controlled release system that is easier to use and seamlessly fits into the new SenSci Volcano bottoms.

“By partnering with Insects Limited, we were able to put our lure into their bullet delivery system,” White said. “This allowed the ActivCR, which the ‘CR’ in the name means controlled release, a better delivery system that dramatically reduces the human error when using the product. No more tearing or ripping the package open.”

White explained that the partnership was a wonderful experience and is thoroughly pleased with the product that they have created together.

“Insects Limited has been a great partner during the entire process,” he said, “we were able to significantly improve the ease of using the Activ lure while still maintaining its effectiveness.”

White explained that the ActivCR vial will easily clip into the cavity of the new SenSci Volcano bottoms and can be removed by placing a pointed instrument into the opening of the side and pushing up.

“We’ve redesigned the SenSci Volcano to work seamlessly with the new bullet design of ActivCR,” he said. “You can easily pop the vial into the cavity of the Volcano and then use a pen, or something similar, to pop it back out when you’re ready to replace it.”

Additionally, the ActivCR lure can be used with the SenSci Pyramid by placing the lure in the middle of the glue to secure the vial.

SenSci ActivCR packet shown

SenSci ActivCR placed inside SenSci Volcano bottom

SenSci ActivCR inside a SenSci Pyramid

SenSci Volcano bottom assembly with SenSci ActivCR

SenSci Pyramid with SenSci ActivCR

SenSci Volcano with SenSci ActivCR

SenSci Debuts New Look, Products and Safety Measures

The Pest Control Manufacturer Introduces New Logos, Products and More

Trenton, NJSenSci has gone through a tremendous transformation in 2021 by introducing a new product, two redesigned products, a new logo and freshly vaccinated experts eager for travel.

“We’ve been going through a lot of changes at SenSci and we’re excited to finally be able to share them with everyone,” said Chief Operations Officer Robert DiJoseph.

“When we were designing the product logo for the SenSci Pyramid™, I wanted to have something that spoke to our core value of being audacious,” said Jeff White, Chief Product Officer at SenSci. “We wanted something bold and unique. The design for the Pyramid was exactly what we were looking for and decided to move in that direction with all of the product logos.”

Logos weren’t the only thing changing at SenSci; its product line also received a face-lift. The SenSci Pyramid joined the line and the SenSci ActivCR bullet lure took the place of the SenSci Activ towelette. Finally, the SenSci Volcano® was redesigned to accommodate the new format of the SenSci ActivCR lure.

“We’re proud of the direction we’re moving and look forward to the continual expansion of the company,” DiJoseph said.

DiJoseph went on to explain that in addition to the physical changes of the brand, their experts have taken the steps to ensure their safety as they return to in-field work.

“Safety is very important to our company and a key component to our work is through educational workshops that we conduct all across the country,” he said. “Unfortunately, COVID-19 halted our in-person instruction, and we went virtual, however, we’re excited to announce that we are once again returning to in-person educational offerings.”

SenSci experts Jeff White, Danny White and Sarah Latyn have all been recently vaccinated for COVID-19 and are now available for bed bug workshops, speaking engagements and business consulting.

“The Coronavirus definitely changed the way we operated,” said Chief Product Officer Jeff White. “We typically do a lot of on-site trainings and consultations for pest control companies all across the country but that quickly changed when the virus started spreading.”

White explained that his travel schedule, which is usually booked solid throughout the year with speaking engagements and on-site trainings, was wiped clean due to COVID-19, however, with his recent vaccination he’s ready to hit the ground running again.

“I’m now fully vaccinated and ready to get back to what I love to do, educating and traveling the country,” he said. “Virtual trainings are a great option for many but there’s nothing like seeing and interacting with your clients in person.”

Sarah Latyn, Quality Assurance and Training Coordinator for SenSci, has taken the adaptations in stride but has her bags packed and ready for the next travel destination.

“During the pandemic, our travel schedule was shut down but that didn’t stop us from conducting the quality training and education that clients expect from us,” Latyn said. “We’ve adapted to the changing times but now that we’re fully vaccinated, we can bring the training you know and love back to your business.”

DiJoseph mentioned that although his team is fully vaccinated and ready for in-person offerings, virtual trainings are still available if companies feel more comfortable to go that route.

“Although we’re eager to get back out there, virtual training sessions are still available for companies that prefer that platform,” DiJoseph said. “We had tremendous success with our back-to-back virtual Bed Bug Boot Camps and expect to continue them for those who prefer that option.”

The SenSci experts are available for on-site bed bug training workshops, speaking engagements, business consultations and virtual trainings. For more information or to book one of the experts for your event, click here. To learn more about the SenSci Products, visit:


Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 7 p.m. EST

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