volcano-w_bottomThe SenSci Volcano comes in two separate pieces but are easily assembled.

The SenSci Volcano™ is an innovative, discreet bed bug monitor created by BedBug Central. The Volcano uses science to increase the chance the monitor detects bed bugs while being discreet in design so it can blend into any room or setting.

The Volcano is composed of two separate pieces that simply snap together creating the ideal pit-fall interception device. Although it may seem easy to assemble, follow the steps below to ensure it is properly put together.

How to Correctly Assemble Your SenSci Volcano™volcano-field-test-1

  • The SenSci Volcano™ will arrive in two pieces:
    • The black, Volcano top
    • A clear, concave bottom
  •  First take the clear bottom (with the textured square facing the up) and black top and connect them. You should hear a “SNAP” sound to know it was interlocked.
  • If the textured square is on the INSIDE of the Volcano and the two pieces are secured tightly, then you have assembled it correctly. If you can feel the textured square on the outside then it is NOT PROPERLY CONNECTED.
  • Next, look for the “Made in the USA” and recycling logo on the clear bottom after it has been snapped together. They should be facing outward on the bottom of the Volcano so you can read it. If the logo is backwards then it is not snapped in correctly.
  • If you are using the SenSci Activ™ Bed Bug Lure inside the SenSci Volcano™, make sure that when you snap to Volcano together that the Activ packet isn’t pinched. The Activ packet should be able to move freely inside of the Volcano.

Once the SenSci Volcano™ is correctly assembled, you can use it alone or with the SenSci Activ™ Bed Bug Lure. When SenSci Volcano™ is used together with SenSci Activ™ the combination creates a highly-effective and easy-to-use bed bug monitor that effortlessly blends into the environment and attracts twice the amount of bed bugs than when used without the lure.

For more information or to purchase the SenSci Volcano™, contact your local distributor.