Inspection of both the SenSci ActivVolcano™ and Volcano without the Activ lure, is straightforward and simple based on the clear-bottom design. The clear-bottom of the SenSci Volcano allows for a simple and fast inspection.

How to Inspect a SenSci ActivVolcano

  1. Pick up the Volcano from the floor location it was in.
  2. Use a flashlight to inspect all four corners of the Volcano’s clear bottom.
  3. Play close attention to the edges of the SenSci Activ packet because bed bugs like to hang onto them.
  4. Tilt the Volcano bottom so the open side of the Activ packet is angled down towards the floor. Be careful not to tilt the Volcano upside down because the bugs could fall out.
  5. Gently tap the SenSci Volcano a few times to get any trapped bed bugs to filter down into the open corner of the Volcano.
  6. If you suspect that bugs are not present in the Volcano you may open it and inspect the Activ packet as well, but use EXTREME caution when doing so. Before opening up the SenSci Volcano, be sure to have it above a toilet or garbage can to catch any hidden bed bugs that may fall out when opened. This will prevent the hidden bed bugs from falling back onto the floor.
  7. Once the Volcano has been opened over a toilet or garbage can, you can take out the Activ packet and inspect it for any hidden bed bugs. If it has been two months since the Activ lure was placed into the Volcano, it is recommended that you replace it at this time.
  8. Snap the SenSci Volcano back together and continue to use.

How to Inspect a SenSci Volcano

  1. Inspect the Volcano the same way as if it had a SenSci Activ packet in it. The inspection of a Volcano without the Activ lure inside is even easier and faster to inspect.
  2. If bed bugs are found, carefully open the Volcano over a toilet or garbage receptacle and dispose of properly. If using an indoor garbage receptacle, be sure to take the bag outdoors to prevent the bugs from escaping back into the home.

The SenSci Volcano was designed to allow for fast and accurate inspections of bed bugs. To purchase the SenSci Volcano™, contact your local distributor.