volcano_best-picAs recent research suggests, bed bugs are much more active and mobile than originally expected, so using a tool like an interception device is crucial in bed bug management by intercepting their movement to and from the bed.

Although there are several different types of pitfall-style interception devices, none offers the discreet design and functionality like the SenSci Volcano®. The Volcano’s innovative design is backed by scientific research on bed bug behaviors.

SenSci Volcano’s Scientifically Proven Design

Research has found that when bed bugs are looking for food, they are attracted to vertical surfaces (they are looking to walk up). This behavior is why interception devices that have a vertical exterior wall will collect bed bugs are they sit on the floor. They will move towards the interception device and climb up its side walls then fall inside.

Not only is the vertical appearance appealing to bed bugs, but the Volcano’s coarse side walls are pleasing as well. Bed bugs are attracted to coarse materials that allows them to grip and climb up vertical surfaces. They have a difficult time climbing on slippery surfaces.

Colors of interception devices also make a difference when it comes to bed bug commitment rate. The color of the Volcano is black because research has proven that bed bugs are attracted to the color black.

According to Dr. Changlu Wang, the design of the Volcano is specifically created from evidence that illustrates what is appealing to bed bugs.

“The black color and coarse surface are appealing to bed bugs,” Wang said.

How Does the SenSci Volcano Work?

The way the SenSci Volcano works is simple.

  • When you place the interceptor at the leg of a bed or along a wall, the bed bugs will be attracted to it based on the vertical ascent and black color.
  • Once the bed bugs move towards the Volcano, they will crawl up the coarse sides of the Volcano.
  • As the crawl up the sides, they will walk around the rim of the Volcano then fall inside of it.
  • After they fall into the Volcano, they will be trapped inside.
  • Inspection for bed bugs is easy by looking at the clear bottom of the Volcano.
    • If bugs are not present, place the Volcano back in its previous location for continued bed bug detection.
    • If bed bugs are present, dispose of the bugs in a toilet or outdoor trash receptacle accordingly.

The SenSci Volcano makes it easy to inspect and remove bed bugs with its clear bottom design. You can increase the success rate of a Volcano by adding the SenSci Activ® Bed Bug Lure inside. With both SenSci components, you have just created an Activ Volcano, which will increase the chance you capture bed bugs.

To purchase the SenSci Volcano or Activ bed bug lure, contact your local distributor.