SenSci’s Virtual Bed Bug Boot Camp

Experience the Popular Bed Bug Training but from the Comfort of Your Own Office!

Bed Bug Boot Camp is back! In it’s new virtual format you will still receive the quality education you know and love from the experts at SenSci.

Jeff White, Danny White and Sarah Latyn are your instructors for the course taking you on the journey from bed bug biology to treatment and sales. You will learn our unique “No Prep” protocol that hundreds of pest control operators are successfully using across the country.

Jeff and Danny will still take you on different treatments to show the “No Prep” protocol in action.

Check out what you can expect as an attendee and what perks you’ll be entitled to after you register!


  • Day One (10:00 a.m. EST – 2 p.m. EST): How Bed Bug Biology and Behavior Play into the “No Prep” Philosophy
  • Day Two PT. 1 (10:00 a.m. EST – 1 p.m. EST): Acquiring New Business using the “No Prep” Philosophy & Recurring Revenue Models
  • Day Two PT. 2 (1:00 p.m. EST – 3:00 p.m. EST): Two-hour treatment demonstration


Virtual Bed Bug Boot Camp costs $995 but includes up to 5 employees from one company in attendance. That’s like paying only $199 per person!


Not only can you have 5 employees attend the training but you also receive the FULL Business Enhanced documents. This is over a $900 value in itself! 

The Business Enhanced Documents package features Bed Bug Agreements, Sub-Agreements, Service Reports, Complete BedBug Central Protocols, Personalization of Headers with your business logo, 40+ Leave Behind Client Communications (English & Spanish) and a 30+ Slide Power Point Presentation to assist you in selling various audiences impacted by bed bugs.


Sub agreements:
Bed Bug Agreement
Bed Bug Agreement: Residential
Bed Bug Non Elimination Agreement
Bed Bug Surrounding Unit Inspection Agreement
Bed Bug 3-Service Agreement

Bed Bug Service Protocol
Bed Bug Inspection Protocol
Bed Bug 3-Service Protocol
Bed Bug Office Protocol
Bed Bug Heat Protocol
Bed Bug Service Report
Management Communication Forms:
Bed Bug Management Fact Sheet
Bed Bug Management Tasks
Bed Bug Hotel Information Sheet (English & Spanish)
Bed Bug Vacant Unit Information Sheet
Bed Bug Surrounding Unit Information Sheet
Conditional Elimination


Additional Client Communication Forms:
Bed Bug Client Preparation Sheet (English & Spanish)
Bed Bug Expectations of Service (English & Spanish)
Bed Bug Symptoms (English & Spanish)
Bed Bug Closets (English & Spanish)
Bed Bugs Underneath (English & Spanish)
Bed Bug Encasements (English & Spanish)
Bed Bug Bagging of Clothes (English & Spanish)
Luggage Inspection (English & Spanish)
Luggage Treatment (English & Spanish)
Encasement Installation (English & Spanish)
Encasement Inspection (English & Spanish)
Bed Bug Felt Padding (English & Spanish)
Bed Bug Clutter Reduction (English & Spanish)
Bed Bug Fact Sheet (English & Spanish)
Pictures & Wall Hangings
Required Preparation Sheet
BlackOut Insect Interceptor Device
Bed Bug Follow Up Survey (English & Spanish)
Bed Bug Client Sheet (English & Spanish)
Bed Bug Control Sheet (English & Spanish)
Bed Bug Follow Up Info Sheet (English & Spanish)
Control Decision Page
BedBug Central Sales PowerPoint Presentation


SenSci’s Boot Camp has been instrumental in how we train and perform our bed bug services. Their no prep instruction allows for the least amount of disruption for our clients which has also made it a much more attractive offering. Our service team now has a solid understanding of the history of bed bugs, why they are such a problematic pest, and how we can deliver an effective service to our customers. I also really appreciate that they look out for our bottom line and communicates product usage and cost savings in their Boot Camp.

Scott Hall

CEO, EcoServe Pest Services

The SenSci Virtual Boot Camp was an information packed two-day event.  It provided a lot of information that is relevant and useful to providing quality bed bug control on a day-to-day basis. Well worth the time invested. Danny and Jeff have put together an excellent program.

Thad Morrical

Hassman Termite & Pest