BedBug Central’s Original BlackOut Interception Device Design Returns to Join the SenSci Product Line

 Lawrenceville, NJBedBug Central has reacquired the BlackOut® bed bug interception device from Protect-A-Bed.

“We’re excited to have BlackOut back with us at BedBug Central,” said Phillip Cooper, CEO of BedBug Central. “We wanted to bring BlackOut, the device we brought to market in 2012, back home to complement the SenSci monitoring system.”

Jeff White, Director of Innovation and Technical Content at BedBug Central, invented the BlackOut bed bug detector in 2011 and introduced it to the marketplace in 2012 in response to the deficiencies he saw at the time with interception devices.

“I’ve always believed in interception devices and the benefits they bring to bed bug services,” White stated, “but I saw some shortcomings in the interception devices that were available at the time. So, I wanted to create a product that addressed those deficiencies, such as breakage and maintenance, which is why I created the BlackOut.”

In 2013, BedBug Central sold the intellectual property rights associated with the BlackOut patent to Protect-A-Bed, because BedBug Central recognized the leverage opportunities with Protect-A-Bed that would enable BlackOut to reach its full potential in the interceptor marketplace.

The SenSci Volcano® interception device that BedBug Central brought to market in 2014 as part of their SenSci line was not included in the original sale to Protect-A-Bed.

To better serve the pest management industry, BedBug Central wanted to leverage the synergies between the SenSci Volcano and BlackOut interception devices. BedBug Central believed that by bringing both products under the SenSci brand, they would work together seamlessly and provide pest management professionals the complete bed bug monitoring system needed by the industry.

Under Protect-A-Bed’s stewardship of the device, it was marketed the under the brand name of LightsOut™. However, as part of the SenSci line, BedBug Central is rebranding the device under its original name of BlackOut, which will be joining the SenSci product line that currently includes the SenSci Activ® bed bug lure and the SenSci Volcano, a free-standing bed bug interception device.

As part of the reacquisition, BedBug Central is moving production back to the original manufacturer, The Rodon Group, located in Hatfield, PA.

“We are excited to use our original mold and original manufacturer, to be consistent with our ‘made in the USA’ values that encompass the entire SenSci line,” Cooper said. “Having production in the United States is a core value that we maintain at BedBug Central and SenSci.”

BedBug Central’s senior leadership view the BlackOut acquisition as a strategic initiative.

“The BlackOut interceptor works effortlessly together with the SenSci Activ bed bug lure, to increase its catch rate,” said Robert DiJoseph, Vice President of Sales at BedBug Central. “Also, when BlackOut is paired with the SenSci Volcano, they create a highly-effective bed bug monitoring system.”

Cooper explained that although BedBug Central had originally sold the BlackOut, reacquiring it was never a distant thought.

“The reacquisition of BlackOut was always an idea that we considered over the years in the context of our agreement with Protect-A-Bed,” Cooper said. “Upon reacquisition, we will experience the true potential that BlackOut has with the SenSci line, and we’re happy to have it home.”

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