The NEW SenSci Pyramid™ Pitfall Trap

SenSci Introduces The NEW SenSci Pyramid

The NEW SenSci Pyramid™ Pitfall Trap is an innovative capture device that combines the effectiveness of a pitfall trap with the affordability of a glue trap in one, easy-to-use device. The SenSci Pyramid can be used for both bed bugs and German cockroaches. To increase attractiveness of the Pyramid, simply add the SenSci ActivCR™ bed bug lure or any applicable roach attractant to the device.

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SenSci Pyramid shown with AP&G roach attractant

SenSci Pyramid shown with AP&G roach attractant

When cockroaches were present in the apartment, SenSci Pyramid detected the infestation same as our competition.

SenSci Pyramid Testimonials

We have been a loyal SenSci user for years using the SenSci Activ bed bug lures and SenSci Volcanos for many of our customers. When I had the opportunity to try their new product, I was excited to see what potential it had compared to the others. 

We have since used the new SenSci Pyramids in both commercial and residential settings with great success at detecting low-level infestations of both bed bugs and roaches.

The Pyramid allows us to offer a low-cost and highly effective treatment/monitoring program for customers. We’ve even had some instances where a low-level bed bug infestation was entirely eliminated using these traps with the lures. 

Our customers appreciate the fact we have the ability to detect problems before they become a bigger issue. This allows us to use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to resolve issues, and in some cases avoid chemical treatments altogether. These are a great IPM tool and we feel that these can be utilized in many areas as a one-stop solution to low-level infestations, plus an effective tool to measure infestations levels and for control of both bed bugs and roaches.”

Vincent Pease

Ashland Pest Control

“We have had different types of jobs that I was able to use the SenSci Pyramids on. In nursing homes I found them to be easy and discreet to use for bed bugs in residents rooms. They proved to be a positive tool that I will continue to use.

I also have used them in apartments that were heavily infested with roaches and bed bugs. They caught both and being a glue board type product, I also found spiders and other insects on them.

I think they are a great product and plan on using them on other accounts. They will be a regular tool that I use. They were easy to put together and being light can be put many different places. Thanks for making a good product even better.”  

Michael Gough

Antrim Pest Control

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